Engagement Rings


An engagement ring holds traditional meanings and emotional values in almost all cultures. The pure silver couple rings signify the promise that couples make before starting their beautiful journey of love together. Pair rings for couples in silver help lay the foundation of a strong relationship and are proof of dedication and commitment to the beloved. 


Engagement rings are essential for proposing to someone special and making the romantic relationship official. Therefore, engagement couple rings in silver are the token and emblem of everlasting love and loyalty for the partners in the wedding relationship.


Purpose Of Wearing An Engagement Ring

From ancient times, it has been a shared belief that the left hand's ring finger has a connection to the heart. Owing to this reason, the partners choose to wear pair rings for couples in silver on the ring finger of the left hand as a sign of everlasting, infinite, and eternal love.


Moreover, the circular shape that a ring has is the universal symbol of completion and eternity.  Engagement pure silver couple rings help partners remember the vows that they have made while exchanging rings on each other's ring fingers.


Traditional Yet Modern Designs Of Engagement Rings

Here, we have shared traditional yet modern engagement pair rings for couples in silver. 

1] Silver Heart-shaped Rings

When you wear a heart-shaped ring on your fiancé's hand, it appears that you have given your heart to your beloved. It is the most beautiful, unique yet traditional silver ring design. If you are thinking of proposing to your soul mate, a heart-shaped silver ring will be a unique and rare choice to make the promise of never-ending, lifelong love and companionship. 

2] Silver Infinity Rings

This ring shape emphasizes and reinforces the wish that you want to be with your beloved forever, even in the testing times. The silver infinity ring is the symbol of the continuity of love forever. It makes a unique gift for engagement pair rings for couples in silver as it shows how much you love and care for someone special.

3] Silver Eternity Rings

A silver eternity ring is another traditional yet modern ring design that consists of a continuous band of cut gemstones. This ring design also represents the romantic love relationship that does not cease.  You can buy this silver ring design from an online silver jewellery shop to propose your companion for starting the journey of never-ending love. 

4] King Queen couple rings

The King Queen couple ring signifies the meaning of her king and his queen. You can choose this silver jewellery design to show your pure love, to give the prince and princess wedding vibes to your engagement ceremony. 


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